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Little Boy Gets The Best Surprise After His Pit Bull Is Stolen

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Ten-year-old Khalik Corbett and his little pit bull puppy, Boomer, were inseparable. That is, until Boomer was stolen right out of Khalik's arms last month.

Khalik was walking Boomer near his home in Nashville, Tennessee, when a car full of strange men pulled up next to him, local outlet WKRN reports.

One of the men started asking him questions about Boomer - how old he was, even if he was going to be bred. Then the stranger reached down to pet Boomer ... and grabbed him instead.

The two men sped off with Khalik's beloved puppy in tow, and Khalik was left brokenhearted. He ran home to tell his family what had happened, but by the time they went chasing after the car, it was gone.


For the next month, the Corbett family was desperate to find their puppy again - but there were no leads. Until Saturday morning, when Angie Corbett, Khalik's mom, went to take out the trash and heard a little bark coming from around the corner.

It was Boomer. "I completely dropped the trash and flew over there and he was just wagging his little butt and just barking and I just started crying," Angie Corbett told WKRN.

She ran back into the house with Boomer and woke Khalik - who was overjoyed to be back with his pup. As for Boomer, he seems super happy to be back with his family too, and showed it with plenty more butt-wiggles.

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