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Kid Meets Puppy And Breaks Down Over How CUTE She Is

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the cuteness of an animal that you felt as if your whole world was about to fall apart? Well, that's what happened to this sweet little boy once he got to cradle a (very confused) Chihuahua in his arms.

This little boy just couldn't stop crying - and it wasn't because he was afraid of the small dog.

In the video, uploaded to Facebook by Mia Anelli, CEO and founder of INsight Animal Rescue in Los Angeles, the kid says his reason for sobbing is simply because "she's so cute."

Meanwhile, the tear-inducing Chihuahua has absolutely no idea what's going on.

But she does her best to cheer the little guy up through kisses ...

Facebook/INsight Animal Rescue

... gently licking away his tears ...

Facebook/INsight Animal Rescue

... and giving him snuggles.

Facebook/INsight Animal Rescue

But when none of the usual suspects seem to console him, she's totally stumped.

Facebook/INsight Animal Rescue

"What's wrong?" The adult voice prompts the boy in the video again. His response? "She's just beautiful."

And I think that is absolutely beautiful. The adult goes on to tell the boy, "Maybe mommy will get you a dog, OK?"

We sure hope so!

Check out the entire video of this boy's amazing reaction to his adorable friend below: