Little Blue Penguin Gets Caught Taking A Dip In An Outdoor Bath, Then Heads On His Merry Way


Who doesn't love a nice bath sometimes? That might be what this lost little blue penguin thought when he climbed into an outdoor tub in Eastbourne, New Zealand -- but it probably wasn't what he was thinking after he got stuck. The wild penguin is one of a very shy species that typically avoids human interaction near the holiday hotel managed by Lynne Plimmer, who received a call about the bathing bird on Tuesday morning.

"Honestly, I couldn't believe it," Plimmer told Stuff. "I thought, 'I'm hearing things' ... Maybe it thought it was the sea or something and jumped in in the dark."

With the help of five humans and a nice soft towel to land on, the penguin was able to get out of the bath. He eventually made his way back to the sea inside a recycling bin, and was likely relieved to be back in the ocean. According to witnesses, the penguin only turned back once, then happily swam away.