Lions Who Think They're Giant Kittens

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Lions are seen as the kings of the animal world, but in their hearts they might just be really just oversized cats. Here are a few who seem to think they're itty bitty kitties.

This guy's favorite activity is lazing around - just like a house cat.

And this lion's motto is, "If I fits, I sits."

This protective lion will confront ALL intruders, big or small.

And, like many cats, this lion is never quite sure what to do with his tongue.

This lion is a BIG fan of kitty yoga.

And this lion knows that Christmas trees were made exclusively to be knocked down.

This guy takes hygiene very seriously ...

... and so do these pals. They look out for each other, like giant kitties.

And of course, all lions seem to know the value of a good cuddle.

So you see, many lions think they're just gigantic house cats.

And on the flip side, cats are basically just tiny lions, too.