Tiny Lion Cub Tries Very Hard To Be Scary With HUGE Roar

A group of tourists was watching a lion cub and his mom, and the cub REALLY wanted to make a good first impression ...

YouTube/Earth Touch

... but his mom totally embarrassed him instead.

The little cub knew he needed to redeem himself and prove to the tourists that he's actually VERY scary and intimidating. Which is why he decided to unleash his secret weapon: his roar.

The lion cub ditched his mom and approached the tourists. He did a quick practice roar ...

YouTube/Earth Touch

... and then gave them EVERYTHING he had ...

YouTube/Earth Touch

... but they didn't seem scared, and kept snapping pictures instead.

In a last-ditch attempt to appear intimidating, the little lion gave another terrifying roar ...

YouTube/Earth Touch

... and then ran off before they could take more pictures of him.

Clearly this lion cub doesn't appreciate being adorable, and just really wants to grow up already. Don't worry, little guy - you'll be leader of the pride before you know it!

Check out the full video of the lion cub's roars below:

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