Some dogs might be happy enough with a slow stroll around the block or a few rounds of fetch, but not Kaia. For the super-fast border collie with incredible energy, it seems nothing short of an all-out sprint through a forest will do.

Earlier this month, teenagers Jonathan Kang and Bryan Gregory from Port Moody, Canada, set out to film along the bike trail in a nearby park. Bryan, who races bikes in competition, says he thought it would be cool to see if his dog could keep up. In hindsight, it was more likely that Kaia was wondering the same about him.

"She just likes to go," says Bryan of his four-legged companion to the Tri-Cities NOW.

Since being uploaded last week, this video has been making the rounds on mountain biking websites -- though clearly the star needs no wheels at all.

According to Runner’s World, which created a helpful list of dog breeds best suited as exercise companions, border collies are particularly skilled at handling rough trails with obstacles, noting their sure-footedness and quick reaction time. But beyond agility alone, border collies are also considered the fifth fastest breed, capable of reaching speeds upwards of 30 mph.