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Life's 16 Greatest Mysteries For Dogs

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Who is the "good boy"? She keeps asking me like I'm supposed to know.

What would happen if he lost hold of the leash? Could he really survive out here on his own?

How come she never licks back?

Why is she not more concerned about the squirrels? Is it possible they're in cahoots?

What's he planning on doing with all my poops?

What happened to her belly bump? Also, why is this new pillow so loud?

He keeps trying to throw these tennis balls away - Why?!

How come he never wants to try MY food? I wouldn't even make him beg for it very much.

If this place exists, why would we ever leave?

What's so interesting about the weird glowing box? There's nothing to smell here at all.

Can it really be "garbage" if it's still delicious?

How does this big metal container know we want to go to the park?

Will I ever see him again? If so, I hope he brings takeout.

Why is she always asking to shake my hand? It's like, "Duh, I'm your dog, remember? We've met before."

How come everyone thought we wouldn't get along?

Does my Human know how much I love him? I'd better keep reminding him, just to be safe.