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Life in a bathtub

So earlier today I had a brainwave. These happen a lot lately, but what sparked this was reading about Lolita and her tiny tank. In response to what I had read, I decided to see how long I could sit in the bathtub, not in water but fully clothed. Made sure my housemate was out for the day and set a stopwatch upside down on the other side of the bathroom and just sat.

The reality soon started to sink in that I was beyond bored, and becoming agitated and fidgety.

I've always said that it's never a whales fault for attacking, it's in their nature; it's only like us retaliating to someone who offends or insults us; we shout back. You don't walk into the African plains and expect a tiger to come leaping and bounding towards you to give you a hug do you? No. You expect that it's going to attack you, it's going to want to eat you, and inevitably it's going to try and kill you. Are some humans that stupid that they expect that sort of cuddly and adoring response from the oceans foremost predator? Clearly some are.

How long did i last in the bathtub? 2 hours.