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Liam Hemsworth Has One 'True Love,' And It's ...

Actor Liam Hemsworth only recently got an official Instagram account, and the best part about it (besides his beautiful face) is that he now has a place to show all of his love for his rescue dog.

Liam recently posted a picture of himself and his rescue dog, Tani, and captioned the adorable photo "#TrueLove." If he wasn't already one of the most attractive men on earth, he certainly is now.

Tani is a pit bull mix, and arguably the luckiest dog in the world. Liam has made his love for rescuing pets very apparent in many an interview, and Tani is the latest example of this amazing trait of his.

Tani and Liam are the sweetest duo, and I would say they're the cutest mini squad ever ...

... except that Tani sometimes acts as a "babysitter" for Liam's nieces, and that's DEFINITELY the best, most adorable squad I've ever seen.

Fingers crossed there are many more Liam and Tani photo shoots coming to Instagram soon. The world needs way more of this celebrity pair.