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Li Wah Resturant, Hunan Lion Gourmet Chinese: Stop serving Shark Fin Soup and Shark Fin Products

Millions of sharks are being captured and mutilated by removal of their fins, in order to produce Shark Fin Soup. These sharks are then thrown back into the ocean, to suffocate at the ocean floor. It is a fact that sharks stay in constant movement to pass water through their gills to breathe, and cannot do so without their fins, causing them to sink to the ocean floor and suffocate slowly. Recently, sharks of many kinds have been added to the endangered species list, solely because of Shark Finning and Shark Fin Soup. Sharks are slow growing animals, that cannot possibly reproduce to stabilize the population, especially because so many are killed, and the greater majority of shark finning happens to sharks that have not reached maturity yet. Li Wah Restaurant, 2999 Payne Avenue Cleveland, OH 44144, (216) 696-6556, and Hunan Lion Gourmet Chinese, 2000 Bethel Road Columbus, OH 43220, (614) 459-3934, are the only remaining restaurants in Ohio that promote Shark Finning and that sell Shark Finn Soup. With bad Publicity, and less customers, two small restaurants cannot compete with the hundreds of other moral Chinese establishments in Ohio. I refuse to allow these restaurants, in my home state, to promote the endangerment and mutilation of sharks, while many other businesses have proven to do just fine without it. I urge you to stand up against Shark Finning and Shark Fin Soup, by telling these restaurants that it is wrong and that it should be removed from the menu. It might not stop it all together, but Iam trying my hardest to live in a Shark Finning Free state.