Frightened Leopard Spends 6 Hours With His Head Stuck In A Pot

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A thirsty leopard wound up in a sticky situation when he wandered into a town in Udaipur, India, searching for a drink of water - but wound up with his head stuck in a pot on Wednesday.

The poor guy must have been terrified when he realized he couldn't get his head back out. For hours, he sat, confused and scared, while local residents gathered cautiously around him.


Some were clearly concerned for his well-being, but some locals were cruelly laughing as the scared leopard stood in place, unable to see or move.

It took three hours for officials to arrive, and then a few more hours until they safely tranquilized the leopard and sawed the metal pot off his head.


After he recovered, the leopard was safely released back into the jungle.

This leopard isn't the only animal to need some help after winding up in a sticky situation - this baby fox needed a hand after getting his head caught in a tin can. Animals often wind up stuck in our trash, so we always owe it to them to help out when we can.

Luckily in this case, everything turned out OK for both the leopard and the towns' residents. Watch the whole video here:

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