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Leopard Immediately Regrets Trying To Eat Porcupine

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This feisty leopard thought he could get a quick meal - but quickly changed his mind.

The photos were taken in South Africa's Kruger National Park after the leopard chased two prickly porcupines out of a drainage pipe. One escaped safely into the bush, so the leopard set his sights on this little guy.

Fortunately for the porcupine, nature gave him his own leopard-repellers.

"Hello, dinner. I am going to eat you and ... "

Greatstock/Barcroft Media

" ... what's this?"

Greatstock/Barcroft Media

"Nope nope nope."

Greatstock/Barcroft Media

While a very determined predator can take a porcupine down, it doesn't always end well for either party. This leopard had the right idea.