What Leonardo DiCaprio's Doing For Elephants Makes Us Like Him Even More

The rare Sumatran elephants standing next to Leonardo DiCaprio have no idea who he is.

But we do, and that's the point: DiCaprio is using his famous face to shed light on the plight of the elephants and other animals whose very lives are in jeopardy.

Many people might know that African elephants are in danger, but they may not have heard about the critically endangered Sumatran elephant. There are only about 2,400 of these animals left.

And palm oil plantations are largely to blame for diminishing their jungle habitat. Leo correctly writes that "the expansion of ‪#‎PalmOil‬ plantations is fragmenting the forest and cutting off key elephant migratory corridors, making it more difficult for elephant families to find adequate sources of food and water."

Action can be taken to help save these rare elephants. "Although as a species Sumatran Elephants are protected under Indonesia law, 85% of their habitats which are located outside of protected areas, are outside of the protection system and likely to be converted to agricultural and other purposes," states the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Take a stand with Leo: Add your name to a petition urging the Indonesian government to protect the vulnerable Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra.

Watch a video on the environment that sorely needs protection here:

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