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Lemurs Sleep In Caves Like Ancient Humans (Video)

Just like ancient humans, lemurs use caves to sleep soundly, a new study in Madagascar Conservation and Development has shown. The finding marks the first time ever that primates were found to be regularly using caves.

"The remarkable thing about our study was that over a six-year period, the same troops of ring-tailed lemurs used the same sleeping caves on a regular, daily basis," lead author, Michelle Sauther, with the University of Colorado Boulder, told Mongabay.com. "What we are seeing is a consistent, habitual use of caves as sleeping sites by these primates, a wonderful behavioral adaptation we had not known about before."

The video released by the researchers shows lemurs scaling Madagascar cliffs to get to their makeshift homes, and then huddling together for a good night's sleep. The researchers think that this behavior has been happening for a long time and may even date back millions of years. Luckily, they no longer have to compete with early humans for prime real estate.