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Elephant Is Jealous Of The New Baby, So Lady Keeps Her Company

A 3-year-old elephant named Dok Mai is learning what it's like to be an older sister.

Her mom, Dok Ngern, a rescued elephant who was once forced to beg and perform on the streets of Thailand, just gave birth to Dok Mai's little sibling, Dok Rak.

"Poor Dok Mai is feeling a bit neglected by her mum," Elephant Nature Park (ENP) posted on Facebook last week, just a few days after Dok Rak arrived.

So, Lek Chailert, founder of the sanctuary for elephants in Thailand, snuggled up to the new big sister to help her cope with the new changes.

"I can see that she is a little bit sad and we are all trying to cheer her up," Chailert wrote.

Chailert cuddled with Dok Mai and sang her a little lullaby - but Chailert was the one who ended up falling asleep among the elephants.

Luckily, Dok Mai also has elephant nannies who are helping to raise her. Seven-year-old Faa Mai, who was the first baby born at ENP to a rescued mom, and Faa Sai, who was rescued from begging on the streets, now sleep next to Dok Mai to keep her feeling safe at night.

With all this support, Dok Mai will surely take her new big sister role in stride.

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It takes a village to raise an elephant. Check out the video of loyal elephant friends below: