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16 Pets Who Are Taking Laziness To A Whole New Level

1. "I want to stay seated, but I hate having to lift my head ... oh, lovely, thank you."

Reddit: jonaskilljoy

2. "The best kind of eating is when you don't even have to lift a paw."


3. "Now that I'm done with my dinner, I think I'll just ... zzz."

Reddit: mustachemystery

4. "I am now a relaxed bath mat. Please step over me."


5. "I had NO idea there would be so much standing involved in this class."

Reddit: Caribosa

6. "I have reached complete and total zen. Don't wake me for 14 hours."

Reddit: chitmunkey

7. "I'm a faithful watchdog, AND I'm conserving energy. Win-win!"

Reddit: theatreofblood

8. "I'll just put my mouth right here in case some food falls in my bowl."

Reddit: quicklookleft

9. "Fine, we can play - as long as you do all the work."


10. "I picked up my toy and suddenly got SO COMFY right here ... "

Reddit: Nevlach

11. "Was thinking about trying to get entirely on the couch - wasn't worth it."

Reddit: Sector_805

12. "Climbing into this bed is more effort than I want to exert."

Reddit: SquarishWheel

13. "Oh. I dropped my toy ... I guess it's gone forever now."

Reddit: slothin_around

14. "I mean, why rock yourself to sleep when you can get a fancy gadget to do it for you?"


15. "I was going to go up the rest of the stairs, but I think I'll just live here from now on."

Reddit: Massive_Plums

16. "I don't really feel like doing anything tonight - think I'm just gonna binge-watch Netflix."


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