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10 Giggling Babies Who Think Dogs Are Absolutely Hilarious

1. Watching a dog happily run and pounce around the living room is comedy gold - at least for this baby.

(YouTube: sazareda's channel)

2. This German Shepherd's overwhelming joy is clearly contagious.

(YouTube: Michelle Malott)

3. Dog + running = a thoroughly entertained baby.

(YouTube: Abdullah Hafez)

4. Fanciful popcorn tricks are all this baby needs to start laughing uncontrollably.

(YouTube: AFV Kids)

5. A funny friend like this is definitely worth the crawl.

(YouTube: jobokidd)

6. When you're muddy and covered in grass stains, playing in the garden hose is the most logical next step. .

(YouTube: lauriethefitz)

7. Some might find a dog's bark to be startling, but this baby is pretty sure it's hilarious.

(YouTube: AFV Kids)

8. Chewing on paper: positively sidesplitting.

(YouTube: Fredrik K)

9. Laughing at someone's snoring would probably be considered impolite, if it weren't so cute.

(YouTube: denimal07)

10. Bubbles alone would be boring, but bubbles AND an excited pup is just delightful.

(YouTube: Jess0rT)