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Politician Beats Raccoon To Death, Walks Away Scot-Free

An Illinois alderman beat an injured raccoon to death, hosed the blood from the sidewalk and claimed he solved the problem.

Now, some people are looking to solve a different kind of problem - namely, Larry TenPas, the do-it-yourself alderman whose astounding lack of empathy with living things has horrified thousands.

Earlier this month, resident Carol Alleman was awaiting the arrival of animal control officers after reporting a disoriented animal outside her home, the Lake County News-Sun reports.

Before they arrived, she peered out her window to see a man "whaling" on the raccoon.

She later identified him as her local alderman.

"I saw him hit it 12 times at least," Alleman said. "The raccoon was suffering. It was trying to get away from him and it wasn't able to. ... I was sickened."

The 81-year-old was observed trying to put the animal in a box, but had some trouble since the animal was "still twitching."

TenPas then unleashed another flurry with his tire iron before managing to get the animal inside the box.

For his part, TenPas told the newspaper he has "police powers" - a claim that has since been refuted by town officials.

Besides, the safety-first alderman claims, the raccoon may have been showing signs of rabies.

"It's not like a citizen doing it, but when somebody calls me, I come," TenPas said. "I take care of problems. Why do you think I've been alderman for 40 years?"

From here, we can honestly say, good question, Larry TenPas. Because we honestly don't know. The alderman will not be charged with animal cruelty in the wake of the raccoon bludgeoning.

But TenPas seems to have gotten support from his constituents, who have written letters to the News-Sun lauding his animal control methods. (Unfortunately, you need to be registered to view the letters.)

"The alderman did the right thing, albeit in an unconventional manner," one reader writes in a December 11 letter to the newspaper.

"There probably isn't another alderman that will take care of his ward like he does," writes another resident. "He's the first one to come when an issue is brought to his attention."

If you think otherwise, and perhaps that all lives, including those of raccoons, matter, reach Waukegan mayor Wayne Motley through his office line at 847-599-2510. Or email him at wayne.motley@waukeganil.gov.

You can also reach Larry TenPas on his Facebook page.