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Watch This Lamb and Corgi, Who Are The Best Chasers Around

Tansy the lamb and Fashion the corgi have found kindred spirits in one another, as they are both pretty keen on bouncing and chasing one another around the yard.

Tansy begins by offering some playful headbutting to Fashion. Dr. Carolyn Stull, an expert in agricultural species at UC Davis, tells The Dodo that while headbutting is a form of aggression in older animals, the behavior exhibited here by Tansy is definitely playful.

Tansy seems to be delighted by such an energetic and obliging racing companion, and shows her joy by bounding down the hill!

This sudden burst of energetic play in animals is known as FRAPing, or Frenetic Random Activity Periods.

This game of tag is unlikely to end anytime soon, as both dog and lamb are ecstatic bundles of energy. Besides, the chasing is most of the fun!

Tansy is so nimble and spry on her hooves that she doesn't even hesitate about hopping over her short, speedy friend.

You can watch the full (and gripping!) chase sequence below:

(YouTube: lindfox)