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Lady Jumps Into The Water To Save A Struggling Baby Bird

Coming to the aid of an animal in need isn't always easy - but what could be a sweeter reward than saving a life?

Imgur user fabianshah recently photographed one such example of kindness at its finest, and it's too special not to share.

It all began when a woman walking along the Boston waterfront spotted a fledgling seagull in the distance, apparently still too young to fly and struggling to stay afloat. Rather than simply walk away as others might have, however, the unnamed hero decided stay and make sure the bird was alright.

"She had waited for almost an hour hoping the bird will float ashore," fabianshah wrote online. "But when the bird kept going in circles, she jumped in to rescue it."

It was no short distance to reach the bird out in the canal, but the woman was able to grab him and swim him back to shore.

Still sopping wet herself, the woman then wrapped the bird in a shirt to dry his feathers and keep him warm.

In an update, we learn that the woman's good deeds didn't end with that. Afterward, she took the baby seagull home for the night, and then found an expert to care for him from there.

"I think the bird is going to be just fine!!," she wrote in an email to fabianshah. "After a few hours of rest, it stood up and then finally ate bread soaked in water, which we read to do online. The left wing was still drooping and causing it to trip and stumble that night, but by the morning the wing looks back to normal. It ate again in the morning and by then I found a wildlife rehabilitator that would take him in and she said she just loved seagulls."

Thanks to the efforts of this amazing lady, the baby bird's chances at a happy life have been restored - and, as with all stories of people helping animals, our faith in humanity has been, too.