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Vet Who Killed Cat With Arrow Finally Getting Punished

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Nothing can bring back the cat who was cruelly shot and killed by a veterinarian earlier this year, but people are still hoping to give Tiger the justice he deserves.

On Friday, they got some good news.

While veterinarian Kristen Lindsey was swiftly dismissed from her job after shooting and killing Tiger with a bow and arrow, it was unclear whether she would suffer any further consequences. When a grand jury decided in June not to bring Lindsey to trial, it seemed like anyone could just shoot a cat and get away with it. But on Friday, the Texas Veterinary Medical Examiners Board (TVMEB), which has the power to revoke veterinary licenses, ruled that Lindsey did indeed break their rules.

The case of Tiger - and the Justice For Tiger movement that gained viral momentum among animal lovers across the internet - came to light when Lindsey posted a gruesome photo on Facebook in April. The photo showed herself holding an arrow with Tiger dangling limply from the end. She bragged about it being her "first bow kill."

Since then, animal advocates have been working tirelessly to ensure that Lindsey does not get off scot-free (and many felt a personal stake in the matter). Thanks to slews of petitions and worldwide news coverage, people did not forget Tiger's unfair death.

Groups like Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) followed Lindsey's case and testified before the TVMEB, which helped lead to the ruling that Lindsey did, in fact, violate the rules a veterinarian is expected to follow.

Sanctions for her cruel act have not yet been announced - it's expected these will be decided in October. We're crossing our fingers that Lindsey doesn't get to be called a doctor for animals ever again.