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Koala Has Zero Regrets She Stopped Everyone's Morning Commute

This koala absolutely did care not that she was putting a screeching halt to a lot of people's morning drives.

On Saturday, an incident of the koala weaving in and out of traffic on Brisbane Valley Highway in Australia was caught by Facebook user Mike Phipps.

A video shows the marsupial, at first, sitting on the road in front of a line of vehicles just wanting to get by.

Facebook/Mike Phipps

Then she starts to casually amble down the road, with onlookers stepping out of their cars to get a better look at who was responsible for the delays that called for road closures in both directions.

Following after the koala was a police officer, trying to guide the koala off of the road. Though that was easier said than done.

It seemed as if the koala didn't like being told what to do. She defiantly stared down the officer while he pointed at where the koala ought to be ... off the streets and in the grass. Ideally, a tree.

It probably took some convincing, but at last, the koala was coaxed up into the perfect tree, safe from harm's way, though reportedly she wasn't too pleased about the entire affair.

On one of the photos, a Facebook user made a comment saying that the koala looked "cranky." Phipps' response?

"Yep. She was pissed off. Thank god the copper was patient."