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Baby Koala Found Zipped Up Inside Woman's Purse

Rescuers named him Alfred.

There is no surprise quite like a koala surprise.

Queensland Police Service

On Sunday, police in Brisbane, Australia, conducted a routine traffic stop on a woman who was later arrested for "outstanding matters."

When asked if she had anything to declare while being detained, the suspect informed officers that she did indeed. It was then that she handed them a zipped-up handbag she was carrying - inside of which they found a baby koala.

Queensland Police Service

The woman reportedly told police that she had rescued the koala after finding him on the road the night before. She'd apparently planned to look after the animal herself - which is illegal without a special permit from wildlife authorities.

Queensland Police Service

Fortunately, the little koala was found in time to get the help he needed. He's been placed under the care of the RSPCA in Queensland, where he's said to be doing well.

"He weighs 1.5 kg and we've called him Alfred," the RSPCA said in a release.

Queensland Police Service

Outside Australia, chances of finding a koala in need of rescue are slim - but there are other wild animals who might need a helping hand. Rather than toting them around in a bag, like this woman did, it's always recommended to instead contact a qualified wildlife rehabilitator.