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Rescue Kitten Has The Prettiest Face

Her mom was black and her dad was orange.

When a student named Elizabeth heard about a kitten who needed a home, she had no idea the kitten would turn out to be such a special little gal.

Elizabeth first heard about Yana in August, after an elderly couple was no longer able to care for her. Elizabeth had rescued animals before, and was happy to welcome 2-month-old Yana into her home.

"Her color is unique, and people call her 'nature's miracle,'" Elizabeth, Yana's new mom, told The Dodo.

The little kitten is mostly black and white - but half of her face is completely orange.

"Her mother was black and the father was orange," Elizabeth said. "Probably, when nature decorated her an orange color, there wasn't enough paint, so the rest of her was decorated black."

Yana could be a feline chimera, a type of cat whose cells consist of two types of DNA. A chimera is a mythological creature made up of different animal parts - the condition is caused when two embryos are fused together, according to National Geographic.

Another cat named Venus also became famous for having the very same condition, and sports the same incredible two-faced look.

Yana is now 7 months old, and has captured the attention of the world with her adorably unique face. The coloring in her face is split right down the middle, making her appearance incredibly striking.

She has nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram, and loves posing for pictures and showing off her two faces.

Yana is very mischievous, and loves running around her house and knocking things over. She's also a big fan of playing fetch and going for walks on her leash, just like a little puppy.

"She is a very playful and ridiculous cat," Elizabeth said.

Yana is a normal kitten who loves to hang out and snuggle with her mom - she just happens to look a little different, and her family loves her all the more for it.