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Why Would ANYONE Abandon This Cat — And ​That​ Perfect Mustache?

She might not know it yet, but this sad little kitty is bound for a better life. In the meantime, there's a reason she looks so sad.

YouTube/CBS Philly

The conspicuously mustachioed cat was found dumped in a Salvation Army donation bin in Fresno, California. Fortunately, workers there heard her little cries for help and brought her to safety - then made sure she stayed safe.

Rather than drop the kitten off at a Fresno animal shelter - home to some of highest kill rates in the country - her rescuers contacted the Cat House on the Kings, a sanctuary and adoption center for pets.

They named her Sally Ann.

Facebook/Cat House on the Kings

"She's a bit dirty and frightened, but we believe she is fine," the group wrote online. "She'll be spayed, vaccinated, tested and microchipped and will spend some time in a loving, local foster home and then she'll be ready for a new life in a wonderful home!"

That last part, about finding a family, likely won't be too tough at all. A Facebook photo of Sally Ann received thousands of likes, hundreds of shares and more than a few adoption offers - bolstered, no doubt, by her perfect color pattern.

Indeed, things are looking up for Sally Ann.

In fact, her little mustache is helping the kitten's sad story and hopeful future get some well-deserved national attention.

To keep tabs on Sally Ann, or to learn more about her, check out the Cat House on the Kings' Facebook page.