Man Thought Hospital Was Completely Abandoned — Until He Heard Crying

Photographer Joshua Gold was shooting the abandoned Leonard Hospital in New York one night, and thought he was completely alone. As he moved through the dilapidated building, he suddenly heard crying coming from the third floor.

It sounded like a baby animal crying out for help.

YouTube/Joshua Gold

Gold quickly went to investigate, but at first could not for the life of him locate the source of the crying.

Despite the setting sun, Gold went to retrieve tools to open the heating ducts to continue to search for the animal in need. Around 3 in the morning he came back with a ladder ... and finally found the crying baby.

YouTube/Joshua Gold

A tiny kitten stared up at him, completely trapped and desperate for someone to help him.

Gold was able to rescue the 4-week-old kitten, who seemed VERY surprised to see him ...

YouTube/Joshua Gold

... but also pretty excited.

YouTube/Joshua Gold

Gold named the little guy Leonard after the hospital he was found in, and took him for a proper meal and some much-needed pampering.

YouTube/Joshua Gold

If Gold hadn't taken the time and energy to find and rescue little Leonard, no one ever would have found him in that abandoned place. It just goes to show that a small act of kindness can go such a long way.

Check out the full video of this amazing rescue below:

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