Navy Pilot Finds Tiny Kitten Hiding In Bumper Of His Car

A helicopter pilot with the Royal Navy got out of his BMW after making a 300-mile trip across England - and discovered a tiny kitten holding on for dear life under the back bumper of his car.

Lieutenant Nick Grimmer was traveling from Birmingham Airport to the Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, and somewhere along the way, the little hitchhiker somehow found his way into Grimmer's car.

It wasn't until a day after he arrived at his destination that Grimmer heard faint meowing - and enlisted some of his coworkers to help dismantle the car and investigate.

"He must have had a long journey but remarkably is unharmed," Grimmer said on the Royal Navy's website. "I am never late for work and was left with no option but to take my new friend in with me."

Grimmer's squadron immediately fell in love with the little kitten, and named him Tigger, because he has tiger-like stripes. Oh, and the helicopters the squad flies are referred to as Flying Tigers.

Tigger loves to sleep in Grimmer's flying helmet, and so far, seems to like being an honorary member of the Royal Navy.

Grimmer and his team are hoping to locate Tigger's family, if he has one, and are launching "Operation Tiger Kitten" to try and find them through social media.