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Kitten Abandoned In Grocery Store Now Has His Own Little Brother

Ollie was only a few hours old when he was rescued and brought from a local grocery store to Bridget Kelly's house.

Kelly picked up the orphaned kitten after receiving a call from a friend who had found him while out shopping.

Kelly grew up on a farm in Illinois where she raised kittens and a variety of other animals, she told The Dodo. She dug up those old skills to care for the young kitten, whom she named Ollie.

"One of the quickest ways to get a bottle baby to sleep is to put them near your heart," Kelly wrote in an Imgur post.

"I would make a 'purrito' by wrapping Ollie in a small towel and tucking him in my shirt. He couldn't purr yet, but look at that happy look on his sweet little face. This was about day three of having him."

Whether he was tucked in his mother's shirt or sitting in her lap, Ollie was a huge fan of sleeping, as many kittens are.

He was especially sleepy (and unexpectedly pear-shaped) after a hearty serving of milk.

For most of his early days with Kelly, Ollie slept, but on day 12, he opened both of his eyes for the very first time.

Ollie and Kelly grew even closer over the next two weeks, doing everything together, from napping to studying for her degree in criminal justice.

"He wasn't always the best motivator when it came to chores, but he was darn cute company," she posted.

"He's always had such an awesome personality ... curious and social," Kelly said.

"I know a lot of people say cats are off on their own, but Ollie's kinda like a dog," she said. "When people come over to the house, he goes over and wants to meet them."

In the blink of an eye, Ollie was 6 weeks old, and already starting to look like the cat he would grow to be.

"When Ollie discovered that he was no longer able to be tucked into shirts, or held constantly, he reverted to sitting on shoulders instead," she wrote. "If you sit down in my house, or even walk by a shelf, you may end up with a curious, clingy kitty on your shoulder."

As the weeks passed, Ollie became even more curious and social toward humans and animals alike.

He introduced himself to Rainbow the fish ...

... and the birds outside the screen door.

Then, one day, he was introduced to a surprise guest: another rescued kitten Kelly took into her home.

The new kitten was rescued from a friend's neighbor, who left him at their house when they moved. Kelly's friend found him scratching outside the front door one night.

The new kitten, now named Ryder, spent a few more weeks with Kelly as she found a new home for him. At first, she wasn't sure how the two young cats would get along together, but they ended up becoming the "best of friends," Kelly said. "Ollie was wonderful to Ryder."

The photo below hadn't been posted online for more than 15 minutes before several of Kelly's friends called to adopt the little guy.

Ryder doesn't live with Ollie and Kelly anymore - he has his own forever home - but they still get to see each other quite often, since the person who adopted Ryder is a friend of Kelly's who only lives two blocks away.

Starting out as just a small, day-old ball of fur, Ollie has made quite the transformation, full of adventures and love thanks to Kelly.

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