Tiniest Kitten With Eyes Sealed Shut Rescued From Roadside

<p><a href="http://imgur.com/a/gqAcV" target="_blank">Imgur/Dmitrigreene</a></p>

A tiny orphaned kitten struggled to survive on the side of the road - until one loving human changed everything.

A woman on Reddit with the username Dmitrigreene was out for a jog one day when she came across the kitten, now named Dmitrius, whose eyes were so infected they were sealed shut.

Kittens' eyes generally don't open until the cat is about a week old, but Dmitrius' were still swollen because of his poor health.

He was so small that his new human fed him off a teaspoon just to show how little he really was. Dmitrius didn't have much of an appetite at first even though he clearly needed food.

When it was time for a bath, Dmitrius was so dehydrated that he kept trying to drink the bath water.

The woman sometimes worried that Dmitrius wouldn't make it.

The poor little guy was barely the size of her hand, and had never had a mother to teach him how to live.

He didn't know how to retract his claws when she found him, as most kittens don't until they're about a month old. But the woman was worried that he might never learn.

Dmitrius ended up with a happy ending, but it's important to be careful when you find a stray kitten.Check first to see if the mother is definitely not around, and then decide whether the kitten needs to see a vet right away. If you can't tell if the kitten is injured, it's always better to get the kitten checked out, just in case.

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