These Perfect Images Show Exactly How A Kitten Chose His Person

This encounter between a man and a wandering kitten in a cornfield has destiny written all over it.

Hello, Kitty.


Just like that, according to a Reddit user who goes by NebulonsStyle, this sweet calico kitten tumbled out of a cornfield.

NebulonsStyle (whose real name remained nebulous at the time of publication) chronicled the whole surreal affair in a post late last year. And it still sings a timeless message about cats and their supernatural skills for finding just the right situation for them.


After emerging from the cornfield, this vagabond kitten strides right up to our Reddit user.


What's that, little kitty? Are you trying to say something? Come a little closer.


We're hoping if this kitten was trying to say something, it was along the lines of "Grow old with me" rather than "Please don't steal me, as I belong to a local farmer."

Because our new favorite Reddit user opted for the former.

And kitty and Reddit user lived happily ever after.


Good adoption, Kitty.

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