21 Kids Who Have The Ultimate BFFs: Dogs

1. A real friend won't care if you're uncoordinated.

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2. These two pals are pro posers.

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3. Naptime isn't complete without a snuggle buddy.

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4. It's always nice to have an extra paw in the kitchen.

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5. Best friends are always tougher together.

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6. A true friend will keep all of your secrets.

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7. Any good campout requires a faithful companion - even if it's just in your room.

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8. Friends are usually interested in the same stuff.

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9. Occasionally, best friends are total opposites.

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10. You know playtime was successful if you both need a rest afterwards.

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11. A true pal will reassure you in times of need.

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12. It's nice to take long walks with friends.

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13. There's nothing more valuable than a friend who can make you laugh.

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14. True pals take care of one another.

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15. You'll often find yourself making the same faces as your BFF.

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16. A true best friend will always ride off into the sunset with you.

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Kids and dogs can have wonderful friendships, but you should never leave them together unsupervised, and you should always take the necessary precautions when introducing your child to a new pet.

Check out some of our favorite BFF submissions from the Dodo community:

17. Abby and Fang enjoying some quiet time.

(Photo credit: Anne Cosalter)

18. Jack and Logan going on an adventure! (With the proper safety precautions, of course).

(Photo credit: Jessica Leigh Walsh)

19. Ollie and Rusty having a bit of a snuggle.

(Photo credit: Jen)

20. Joshua and Rusty spending some quality hangout time on the stairs.

(Photo credit: Jen)

21. This little cutie and her loyal pal having a hug.

(Photo credit: John Stanek)