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Kids Taken To Hunt Deer End Up Befriending One Instead

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In some families, hunting is a tradition that's passed down from one generation to the next. But on a recent outing to teach two kids how to kill for sport, the lesson ended up being one about friendship.

Hunter Jung, a kindergartner from Wisconsin, and his cousin Briell were on their first deer hunting trip, learning about the sport from their parents, when things took an unexpectedly sweet turn. After spotting a small deer in the brush, Hunter was getting ready to fire his pellet gun at the animal, like he'd been taught, when his father stopped him.

And it's a good thing that he did. Turns out, the young buck was still too small to shoot - though Hunter and Briell soon discovered there was more to be gained by showing him kindness.

Incredibly, instead of shying away from the young hunting party, the deer did the opposite, walking right up to Hunter and Briell. Naturally the novice little sportsmen were immediately disarmed by the approaching animal, who seemed inviting of their affection - which, of course, they were happy to oblige him with.

In the moments that followed, the kids pet and stroked the deer and posed for a few photos with their former target who was now their friend.

Even the older family members, presumably a bit more hardened hunters, couldn't help but be smitten by the friendly deer.

After photos of the incredible scene were posted online, they quickly caught the attention of other locals in the community of hunting enthusiasts. The local sheriff even took to social media to praise this very different sort of deer encounter:

"This is not a pet and this is not on a deer farm...the family was walking to their stand (in Shawano County) the last day of Deer season and this young buck approached them and allowed them to pet him. Pretty cool experience for the kids."

With deer season now closed, Hunter and Briell will have to wait another year before the hunting lesson can begin anew - though it's hard not to suspect that they'll approach the activity a little differently knowing that any deer they encounter just might be their friend.

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