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Kids Do The Sweetest Thing After Finding Dead Squirrel

Not everyone who passes by a deceased animal would instantly think, "Oh let's give him a funeral," but a group of kids decided that's exactly what they were going to do.

Will Green from Southampton, England, found a note that said the strangest thing - a dead squirrel had been left in his front yard.

The note was apparently written by kids who found the squirrel and buried him under a pile of leaves on Green's property. "I had to go and check straight away and there it was, with a scrap of paper with 'RIP' on it covered in large leaves picked out of our front garden," Green told The Dodo.

Definitely not something you expect to come home to.

Facebook commenters and Green himself were a bit suspicious of the note, signed simply "School Children." "We do get kids walking down our road to the local school," Green said.

Honestly, I think it makes sense from a kid's perspective. When kids don't know how to handle something, they do the best they can and then let an adult know, who can fix it if need be.

And really, it's pretty darn sweet - they made sure the squirrel got a proper burial under a nice pile of leaves in a picturesque yard. For kids, things are always so simple. They couldn't just pass by the squirrel, like an adult might. I think we can all learn a lot from these kids. Every life is precious, even a squirrel's.

As for the squirrel, Green is contemplating giving him a "proper send off." "Either a Viking burial (coins on eyes on a wooden fire stack) or 'Lord of the Rings' style like Boromir (put in a boat and send him down the river)," Green said.

Both the kids and Green absolutely have the right idea.