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Kenny The Rescued Wombat Picks The Perfect Place To Nap

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Kenny the rescued wombat baby couldn't be cozier, napping peacefully in the place of his choosing - which just so happens to be a dresser drawer at the wildlife sanctuary that rescued him.

But things haven't always been so good for the sweet little marsupial. Kenny was saved from certain death last September after his mother was struck and killed by a car. A kind couple, who stopped to help, discovered the furry baby still nestled inside his mom's pouch. They then drove him more than 100 miles to the Australian Reptile Park sanctuary in New South Wales where the wee wombat could get the care he needed.

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When he arrived, sanctuary staff wasn't sure if he would make it. But after receiving round-the-clock attention and regular bottle feedings, the orphaned wombat was able to pull through, blossoming into a perfectly plump and playful youngster.

"Kenny's growing fast," the sanctuary wrote last month, "but he still loves to cuddle."

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Since then, Kenny has continued to grow and grow, while also amassing a sizable following of adoring fans. But the rescued wombat seems to be taking it all in stride.

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Now seven months old, the little wombat isn't so little anymore. In fact, even though he still needs to be looked after by his surrogate parents at the sanctuary, he's now able to handle certain things himself - like picking out the perfect place for a nap.

"As soon as he is out of the pouch in the bedroom of his caretaker, he heads for the bottom drawer," Libby Bain, from the Australian Reptile Park, told the Daily Telegraph.

"He has learnt to nudge out the edge of drawer and then he walks around to the front to push it open. He climbs in - which takes a few minutes because he's only little, then he rearranges the clothes and flat out he's asleep."

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If all goes according to plan and he keeps gaining his strength, the sanctuary says it hopes that one day Kenny will be able to return to the wild - but, until that day comes, he's welcome to catch a few z's in the place that he pleases.

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