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Jerk Kicks Cat, Karma Kicks Him Right Back

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D09FXtpMUew">YouTube/Live Leak</a> </p>

This guy thought he could be mean to a cat without consequence. Little did he know, she had Karma on her side.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, the man is seen roughly booting his cat from her place on a chair so he could film himself playing guitar there - but things didn't work out quite as he had planned.

YouTube/Live Leak

Moments later, as the manhandled feline scurries up the stairs to safety, she "accidentally" knocks over a potted plant which comes crashing down on the mean man with cartoonesque precision.

YouTube/Live Leak

Neither the cat nor the jerk appear to have been seriously injured in the incident - but we hope that the cosmic justice, so swiftly rendered, has helped knock some sense into him on how to better treat his pets.

Watch the entire video below: