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Kangaroo Can't Understand Why This Cat Just Lost His Chill

No one is born knowing that cats can be rather temperamental playmates. Indeed, that's a bit of knowledge that often must be learned from scratch - or scratches.

This kangaroo, for example, recently got an unforgettable lesson on the fickleness of felines. In a video uploaded to YouTube, the friendly 'roo named Hop is seen simply trying his best to cozy up to a napping cat, offering a few friendly head pats, when things suddenly get a little nasty.

The cat basically loses his chill.

After the incident, Hop is left to wonder: Was it something he did?

Yes, but don't feel too bad. We've all been there.

YouTube/P Ces

Fortunately, relations between Hop and the mercurial cat aren't always so hostile, as evidenced by this more recent video.