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Justice for Grga - The Gopher Tortoise.


Today is Wednesday the 16th, 2014, and I have been made aware of some inane cruelty inflicted upon an innocent creature, which was a gopher tortoise and has been dubbed Grga by an online thread on a site called 4chan.

I was made aware of these acts via the internet, Facebook chat, and the aforementioned 4chan thread, in which a hoard of people are fighting for justice for the innocent tortoise that was anonymous and has now been christened; Grga.

Below is a bounty picture posted in the thread, made by a member.

According to sources, Grga was found in a nearby area, in the woods, by Danielle Susan Ruger and her friend, Jennifer Greene, Facebook name; Faith Hope.

The two girls made Grga their pet and took him home. The two then appeared to have gotten bored with their pet and decided to murder it, thus filming it and putting it on youtube and their Facebook pages for all to see.

I am of the faint hearted, especially when it comes to such vile acts like these, and I wonder to myself; how could a human being do something as sick as that, to such an innocent creature?

Thankfully for future gopher tortoises within the area, this 4chan thread has made quite the fuss and have been in touch with county officials and local conservancies to find out what can be done about the brutal acts inflicted upon Grga by these two girls.

With few replies and The age of the two girls is unknown to me, though they have been referred to as minors, as a lot of people are worried they aren't going to receive the justice that Grga deserves.

As for myself, I don't know how the prison system works for juvenile delinquents such as these two, but I hope they experience a taste of their own medicine and learn the errors of their ways.

Watch that space, is all I can say for now.