Jurassic World Is Eerily Like SeaWorld, And Everyone Noticed

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This weekend, the much-anticipated movie "Jurassic World" finally came out ... and the similarities to SeaWorld were pretty uncanny. You thought you were the only one who noticed it? Nope. The masses took to Twitter after the release to share their thoughts, and the results were pretty overwhelming: "Jurassic World" is exactly like SeaWorld, and an excellent example of why places like that shouldn't exist.

Just like the captive dinosaurs in the movie, SeaWorld's orcas spend their entire lives in tiny tanks, with not nearly enough room to really live. "Jurassic World" definitely threw some major shade at SeaWorld - and everyone is OK with it. Here are a few tweets from people who totally picked up on the movie's anti-SeaWorld vibe.

Pretty much everyone noticed the similarities between "Jurassic World" and SeaWorld ... and really hopes SeaWorld will take the hint:

Some people were super sassy about the similarities:

And, of course, some people actually mistook a "Jurassic World" commercial ... for a SeaWorld commercial:

There is one huge difference between "Jurassic World" and SeaWorld though: "Jurassic World" is just a movie, and the captive orcas at SeaWorld are very, very real.

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