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Tiny ‘Unicorn’ Discovered Dashing Along The Highway

The so-called mythical creature led highway patrol officers on a rare goose chase.

Juliet the "unicorn" (who is actually a Shetland pony) belongs to the 5-year-old daughter of Sandra Boos, a photographer based in Madera, California. Boos works with Juliet on occasion and takes her along on photo shoots dressed in her unicorn costume.

However, during a photoshoot with a child that took place on Wednesday, Juliet seemed to have decided that enough was finally enough.

Boos told local news outlet WGME that Juliet threw her head up and snatched away her lead rope from the child before running off. For three to four hours, Juliet ran free through roads and orchards, WGME reported. A helicopter was even called in to help track down the runway horned pony.

But no one got even close to wrangling her up. As it turns out, so much time had passed that Juliet became desperate for one single thing.

"That's the nature of horses," Renee Pardy, whose horse, Shady, is friends with Juliet, told WGME. "They want to be in a group, they're herd animals and so we had been chasing Juliet the unicorn for so long that she was looking for a friend."

It was only when Pardy rode her horse, Shady, near the pony that Juliet was comfortable enough to be led into a trailer.

As with most animals, it doesn't take much to startle one. Tammy Barnett of the Horse Shoe Equine Rescue in Indiana, who deals with horses on a daily basis, spoke to The Dodo briefly to provide some insight about the situation.

"It could have been very loud and have scared the pony," Barnett said. She added that if the child was frightened of Juliet, the pony would have picked up on that as well.

"We [at the rescue] go to nursing homes, day cares, special need homes with our minis," Barnett said. "I always remind everyone [to use a] soft voice."

On a better note for the now-famous "unicorn," it's reported that she was returned home to her family without injuries.