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Shot Dog Collapses Under Tree, Waits For A Miracle

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One look at this dog's eyes shows just how much he's been through.

WARNING: Graphic content below.

Julian was found in the hills of Valencia, Spain, alone and terrified, earlier this year. His soulful eyes were heartbreaking, but his body was even worse.

He was riddled with pieces of metal, and his front leg was barely hanging on, with the bone fully exposed. Rescuers believe that someone tried to shoot at his heart but hit his leg instead.

He was on his own for at least a week, hobbling around as he tried to find food and water, before collapsing under a tree. Fortunately, he was found in time.

Rescuers with Let's Adopt! International rushed Julian to the vet, where his shattered leg was amputated. Over the next several weeks, the poor pup fought for his life, battling anemia and tetanus as well as his brutal injuries.

But despite the odds against him, Julian never gave up.

"He [is], without a doubt, one of the bravest dogs we've ever met," rescue founder Ivan Jimenez wrote on his blog (WARNING: Link contains graphic images).

Several months later, this miracle dog is a testament to just how much good a little love can do.

A recent video shows him being showered with love at his foster home, and bouncing around on the beach with a group of dog friends.

To see Julian's amazing transformation, watch the video below (WARNING: Graphic content).

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