Hairless Cat And Her Person Love Each Other More Than Anyone

This is Jorja.

And she's fabulous.

Jorja, a sphynx cat, needed a home.

A breeder no longer wanted to keep breeding her.

But Jorja didn't get along with other cats.

She was having a hard time finding the exact right home.

Until Jessica Norrish came along.

And she was perfect for Jorja.

"She has scars to prove she definitely doesn't get along with other cats," Norrish told The Dodo.

But in her forever home, in Vancouver, Canada, Jorja, who is four and a half years old, can act just like a kitten.

"This is her retirement, I call it," Norrish joked.

"She spends her days napping in the sunbeams, or curled under my blankets on my lap."

Norrish, who grew up with dogs, didn't know what to expect when she first adopted this "hairless beauty cat," as she calls her.

Now Norrish says that Jorja is "the most loving creature I've ever had."

And having Jorja means the world to Norrish.

"I have anxiety and depression," Norrish said. "Having a pet has helped me so much."

"She brings so much light to my day ... I love her and she loves me."

Norrish and Jorja have recently started going on adventures together.

Jorja got harnessed up and went outside on a little excursion for the first time this week.

"She just went on her first visit to the park the other day," Norrish said. "She didn't stray from the blanket but seemed to enjoy laying in the sun. I think it was just a lot to take in for her; she stayed close to me the whole time."

Norrish is going to keep trying getting Jorja out into the world during the warmer seasons.

"I want to show her there is more to the world than my tiny apartment," Norrish said.

"Though she seems content laying in the window of said apartment!"

Norrish added: "I just have to be careful outside as she can get sunburns."