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Jon Stewart Chews Out New Jersey Governor For Vetoing Pig Crate Bill

Gov. Chris Christie's veto of a recent New Jersey bill that would outlaw small pig gestation crates is creating quite a stir. Jon Stewart took a moment on "The Daily Show" to explain the faulty reasoning behind the bill's failure while delivering some choice barbs for Christie.

The bill in question was meant to address the state's use of pig crates, which are too small and don't allow the animal to turn around. According to Stewart, the bill was favored by 93% of New Jersey residents, and had received little to no opposition. On Nov. 28, however, Christie vetoed the bill, citing the bill's "partisan politics."

This was understandably baffling considering that the majority of the New Jersey legislature voted in favor of the bill. "The bill passed the New Jersey State Assembly 53 to 13 [and] The New Jersey State Senate 32 to 1," shouted an incredulous Stewart. "When did the threshold for nonpartisan become UNANIMOUS?"

It was fairly clear that the real motive behind Christie's decision was a possible run for presidency in 2016.

Christie met with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad prior to not signing the bill - pig-farming is a large industry in Iowa. Branstad believes that the pig crates actually protect smaller pigs, and keep the animals from fighting. Since Iowa is the location of the first 2016 presidential primary caucuses, some have speculated that Christie vetoed the pig crate bill to appease constituents in Iowa.

"Oh, so that's why it's controversial and partisan!" sneered Stewart. "Your choice was either listening to the nearly unanimous voice of the people that elected you, or saying 'F*** them' and kowtowing to a state 1,000 miles away in exchange for - really, let's be honest - the slimmest chance of political gain, in a caucus you're not gonna win."

In his veto statement, Christie stated that the pig crate bill was a "solution in search of a problem" and that he believed that New Jersey lawmakers should "turn their attention to actual problems facing New Jersey, instead of using lawmaking as 'a political cudgel' on issues outside our borders."

The decision disappointed many. Paul Shapiro, vice president of farm animal protection at The Humane Society of the United States, called Christie's choice a "cynical political calculation."

Stewart says it best, however, underscoring the simplicity of the situation: "I mean, honestly. Let the pigs turn around."

You can watch the full clip from "The Daily Show" here.