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Joey Racano against Seaworld

Joey Racano speaks out against Seaworld's 'Plan to Expand'


Activist Warriors,

Allow me to introduce you to San Diego, a scab on the infected cut of America. They don't follow rules here. They are the only ones with a sewage waiver in California. They dump 50 billion gallons a year from Point Loma into Cabrillo National Monument. Again, the ONLY such waiver in the state of California! I have included a pictoral storybook of the filth and corruption that is the City of San Diego and the sewage machines they keep running at top speed, 24/7.

The city of San Diego stays afloat financially by having one permit to hold orcas in captivity and another permit (a 301h waiver) that allows them to dump 50 billion gallons of sewage annually into the ocean from Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant. The city saves money on sewage treatment because their 301h waiver lets them pour mega sewage without meeting clean water act minimum treatment standards.

Orca misery and septic sewage. San Diego's good at spewage Seaworld digging up Pandoras Box, exposing kids to unknown pox Putting us at risk just like San Bruno, Pretending that you don't but we know you know Regulatory Agencies you don't have the power, but seaworld-haters do and we're growing every hour!

Seaworld stock has dropped 50% in 2 years, and in 2 more years they will be gone. The San Diego 'park' is doing the worst of them all. The attempted tank expansion is a last ditch effort by Seaworld to stay alive.

By recommending approval, Coastal Commission staff has completely ignored the site's proven toxicity. It is ranked #33 most toxic site in the nation. It contains gases that are known to migrate along conduits, pool, and explode. 2 large projects adjacent to SWSD have been stopped because of this, and in one instance, a trench worker died and 5 others who jumped in to save him were revived at a local hospital. This is a dangerous place they want to dig into.

It was an above-top-secret military weapons waste dump that Vultee (now Convair) and the other surrounding defense contractors dumped their chem milling waste, mostly chrome sulphuric acid with the dissolved metals, and their spent solvents, mostly carbon tetra chloride, acetone, benzene, MEK and the like, now banned, but quite ok back then, into the barrel trench. This accounts for the CR6 hexavalent chrome, vocs and other toxicants that DTSC (Department of Toxic Substances Control) is so distraught about.

The Coastal Commission staff has recommended a proposed tank expansion that can reasonably be compared to what happened in San Bruno, where 8 people were incinerated.

October 8th, item 14a

March on Long Beach.

If you can't be there, please write the commissioners a letter asking them to deny the project.

Do it HERE: