Bird Who Destroyed Her Feathers Warms Up In Holiday Sweater

An anxious, neglected bird who had plucked out all her own feathers is quickly becoming a fashion icon.

Javi, one of dozens of residents at Kansas's Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, was rescued this past fall. Not only did she bear the marks of her neglect - she smelled of garbage and cigarette smoke and had anxiously plucked out every single reachable feather - she was also nervous around just about everyone.

But this anxious bird quickly made big strides. Since her rescue, Javi has not only learned to love and trust people again - she's also learned to strut her stuff.

Because it's uncertain if her feathers will ever grow back, Javi dons little sweaters to keep her warm. Her most recent styles are bright, holiday-themed threads, which were captured in a New Year photo shoot by photographer Sara Forrest.

Since The Dodo first wrote a story about Javi the sanctuary has garnered worldwide attention, gaining a social media following and helping the owners of the sanctuary, for the first time, cover expenses without delving into their own savings.

"For the first time EVER the sanctuary's food cost for the month was covered!" Kail Marie, co-founder of Tallgrass, told The Dodo. "We have never had that. Basically just two of us run and pay for everything here."

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