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Dog Who Was Going To Be Shot Just Wants To Play Fetch

Squirrel chaser. Ball fetcher. Lover of tummy rubs.

In a word, dog. The kind who brightens every aspect of our lives.

So why was Jake abandoned to a corner of the Canadian countryside, where a rescue group claims he was lined up to be shot?

The answer to that question may be too big for any of us to fathom.

So, let's take comfort in the little things. Like Jake chasing a ball in his foster parent's backyard.

Run, Jake. Run.

Facebook / Meredith Andrew

Fetch, Jake. Fetch.

Facebook / Meredith Andrew

Love, Jake. Love.

Facebook / Meredith Andrew

At 9 years old, Jake is considered old, which makes him a tough adoption to be sure. But there's nothing else tough about this plucky Labrador.

He's just looking for love.

Think you can help find this ball-loving maniac find a home in Ontario, Canada?

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