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Izzy in need of home

This is my first time ever on this site, but it was recommended by a dear friend. I am posting this as a desperate plea for help, to find our cat, Isabel, a new home. We have tried friends and family, but nobody can take him. Our 2 year old son has developed an allergy to cats and it is now affecting his breathing. Our son takes Zyrtec and is on a daily inhaler, so we are out of options medically. We shave and bathe Izzy (in hopes of controlling the dander), but it does not seem to help. He is a big, beautiful tabby - 18 pounds. The problem we are running into with trying to find him a new home is that he's 12+ years old and has diabetes. He has had diabetes for well over a year and has maintained his healthy status very well with twice daily insulin. He is an awesome cat, very loving. He would be fine with dogs, as long as they leave him alone. But he is not ok with other cats! We would gladly give assistance with his transition if we could find him a loving home, where we can be sure he will get his daily meds! We are heart broken to have to make this decision, but we must do what is best for our son's health. Please, if you know anyone who could help, if even on a trial basis, message me! Our time is running out with being able to keep him in our house.