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It's World Elephant Day: Are You Celebrating?


Now for our number one reason to love elephants:

1. They protect the vulnerable

When threatened, an elephant herd will form a circle, enclosing the most vulnerable - the elderly, the sick, the young - on the inside.

It's important to recognize this is a species under serious threat. We're doing all we can to protect the vulnerable: orphaned, injured, and threatened by poaching, and you can help too.

As we (and the orphaned elephants in our care) celebrate World Elephant Day at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, we're reminded that even though each orphan may have endured a tragic start to life losing their wild mothers, they have been afforded a second chance, and that means there is hope.

We hope it makes you smile. Join the fight to protect the species at www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/WED.