It’s a House Of Horrors If You Are A Farm Animal Living In These 5 States. Here’s Why...

"Ag-gag" laws make it illegal to record, videotape or photograph animal abuses in the meat and dairy industries. These are the 5 worst states for animals, with laws that infringe upon freedom of speech and restrict reporting in order to prevent anyone from knowing about the cruelest factory farms in America.

1) Idaho

The Idaho State Legislature recently criminalized any investigation inside any agricultural facility ever. Why? Because in 2012 an undercover investigation revealed workers at a major Burger King supplier beating and shocking cows as they nursed, and dragging chained and injured calves from a tractor.

2) Iowa

The state passed an ag-gag bill in 2012 that effectively prevents most undercover investigations from unearthing wanton cruelty or abuse. This came after an investigation in 2011 showed pork producer "Iowa Select Farms" slamming pigs to the floor and castrating their piglets without using an anesthetic.

3) Missouri

The state passed a "poison pill" ag-gag law that requires anyone who records incriminating footage at an agricultural facility to turn it over to law enforcement immediately. The bill effectively prevents long-term undercover investigations, like in 2007, when PETA uncovered prolific abuses of chickens at a farm KFC had named its "supplier of the year." Videos showed workers impaling live birds and dumping them inside de-feathering tanks while still conscious.

4) Utah

After Idaho, Utah's ag-gag legislation is the most obstructive in the country, prompting a broad coalition of animal activists to file a federal lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. The first person to be prosecuted under Utah's ag-gag law, Amy Meyer, was charged for recording what she saw behind fences at "Dale Smith Meatpacking Company."

5) Kansas

There aren't any recent undercover investigations into factory farms in Kansas, even though the average hog farm houses approximately 10,000 pigs and the average dairy farm houses 3,600 cows. That's because the State has the oldest ag-gag law on the books, which prevents anyone from revealing essentially anything that goes on in a Kansas agricultural facility. This is a state where there are literally more cows than people!

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