You might have seen the adorable prints included in photographer J. Nichole Smith’s new book, “Puppyhood,” already. The photos have made their rounds on the Internet, because who doesn’t absolutely love looking at pictures of furry little six-week-old puppies? (No one.)  

Smith photographed 25 different breeds of puppies because, she explained to the Huffington Post, she “wanted to capture the delicious details of each pup, both the unseen (their innocence, boldness and curiosity) and the obvious (their rounded features, tiny paws and itty-bitty tails).”

Basically, she wanted to make us swoon.

But it’s not just purebred pups who have the capacity to bowl people over with their cuteness; mutts, mixed-breeds and rescues are pretty endearing too. 

Jill Flynn, a photographer and volunteer with the organization HeARTs Speak, shared some of her photos of 6-week-old rescue puppies that drive the point home -- in case you didn't believe us.


Photos 1-5 by J. Nichole Smith; photos 6-10 by Jill Flynn.