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Gap Brand Intermix Slammed For Selling Kangaroo Fur


Clothing giant Gap Inc. is under fire yet again for selling fur. Intermix, a clothing store that Gap acquired in 2013, offers a variety of fur products - from animals including racoon dogs, mink and even kangaroos - on its website.

A kangaroo and leather clutch retails for $1,299, reduced from an original price of $2,190.


A petition on the website Change.org calling on the brand to remove its fur products has gained more than 41,000 signatures. The petition notes that animals used in the fur industry are often kept in small cages and beaten or electrocuted, then killed and skinned.

Gap experienced similar backlash last September, when animal advocates targeted another one of its brands, Piperlime, for selling fur. After a similar Change.org petition received more than 50,000 signatures, Gap quickly promised to end fur sales at the store.

At the time, Gap announced the news to The Dodo, saying:

We are committed to the ethical sourcing of our products, which includes the humane treatment of animals. We are also committed to our customers and welcome your feedback.

Now, animal advocates are calling on Gap to extend this policy to Intermix as well. The Change.org petition urges the megabrand "to adopt a consistent fur-free policy across all its companies." You can sign it here.

Debbie Mesloh, senior director of public affairs of Gap Inc., told The Dodo in a statement:

"As a global retailer, we respect the wide diversity of views of customers and embrace differing points of view. Intermix is an independent brand, and they select merchandise that appeals to their customer base. The items referenced in the petition are not products designed by or manufactured for Gap Inc. or one of our brands."

This post has been updated to include a statement from Debbie Mesloh of Gap, Inc.